Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Cleanse 2010!

Here we go again, on May 4th we begin yet another 3 week detoxification program. I am happy to say we have filled the program to its limit of 15, well I let 2 more join in last minute. I may have to find a bigger venue if the interest keeps growing. This is the 5th detox group since January of 2009.
Every time, I run the detox, I fine tune it ever so slightly as I want everyone to get the absolute best experience. I take products from several companies and combine them with my personalized lecture. The lectures are 2 hours in length. They are once a week for three weeks and the detox itself is three weeks in duration.
I cover biochemistry of the detox, how to green up your home, using foods as medicine as well as why and when should we shoose organic over conventional.
My detox program is not only a food plan but it also covers exercise, psychological components, lifestyle modification and home therapies to enhance the detox process.
AND the best deal........ once you pay to do the detox, you get to sit in for free from there on forward! Now thats a deal!
The next detox will be in September and then again in January. Email me if you would like to be placed on my email list (to be contacted when the next detox takes place)
I love seeing change take place especially in a group setting as it seems to be so much more powerful and full of energy!
Good night! Kristen ODell