Monday, February 4, 2013

New Office

I am happy to announce that I have moved to a new office space.  I am in the same office complex, Bedford Heights but in a different building/suite: 80 Palomino Lane Suite 101.

I am sharing space with two great companies, Nutrition in Motion and New England Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy.   Kim Dorval owner  of Nutrition in Motion is also known as "dietician extroadinare,"  Kim is at the top of her game in helping others reach their health goals and understanding that food can be your medicine or your poison.

Evan Sorensen  is the owner of NEIMFT.    The New England Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy is a group psychotherapy practice dedicated to improving both individual and interpersonal quality of life in marriage and family systems.  Also in-house is Jill Plumer.  Jill has received additional specialized trainings in areas of trauma recovery, addiction recovery, anger management, couples therapy, stress management, and the treatment of cognitive disorders.

Lastly, we have a super friendly receptionist, Karen Merhalski.  She always has a smile to share and helps make my life easier allowing me to spend more time with patients.