Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Resolve to Renew! 3 Week Detox Program January 2010

Resolve to Renew

Holiday parties, vacations, wine, appetizers, sweets and chocolates Oh my!

Time to clean up your diet and rejuvenate your health,

This is your opportunity to be guided through a 3 week program intended to help rejuvenate your body. This is a protocol based detoxification program to serve all lifestyles.

Using food as medicine, exercise and home therapies, we will embark on journey that will increase your energy, promote better sleep, improve digestion and may even rid you of some chronic symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, fatigue, digestive problems, mental dullness, to name a few.

This course will be comprised of 3 weekly lectures which will be 1 ½ - 2 hours in length. The lectures are provided to give you the information necessary to be successful in completing the program. In addition, you will receive information on organic foods, using food as medicine and green living.

All can participate except: pregnant or nursing mothers, those with a current diagnosis of kidney disease, cancer, liver disease, eating disorder.

Must be 18 to participate.

What: Winter cleanse, three part lecture series

When: Tuesdays January 12, 19, 26th (6:30pm to 8:30pm)

Where: AITC Bedford, NH

Cost: $125.00 for lecture, additional cost for supplements

For more information call: 603 660 9677 or email: drkristenodell@gmail.com

Live a less toxic life:

Restore energy . improve sleep . boost your immune system . lose weight . heal your body . sharpen mental clarity . lessen joint pain . eliminate headaches . decrease gas/bloating . nutrition advice . detox protocol . lecture series

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